Frequently Asked Questions

Purchases will show up as MANUELWORKS on your bank/card statement.


Can You Tell Me More About Your Traffic Sources?

Our high quality traffic comes from our extensive network of Social media and Search Engine advertising as well as expired domains. Expired Domains are Domains that the owner allowed to expire making them available for purchase in aftermarket platforms such as or These high ranking domains still have high quality visitors coming to them around the clock, we simply redirect them to your url according to your websites niche. Unlike some companies we do not send bot or program traffic and we despise those that do.

Are There Any Restrictions To The Type Of Websites You Allow?

We at Top Quality Traffic expect our customers to have legitimate websites. Your website can not display any illegal activities and can not contain any Trojans, Worms, Bad Software or other Viruses. Violating this will lead to your campaign termination without refund.

Do You Have A Customer Service Department Should I have A Question?

We have a fully staffed customer service department ready to answer your questions around the clock. Due to the volume of emails we receive it may take up to 24 hours to reply to your email.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee, Do You Guarantee Sales?

As any quality traffic provider would tell you, we can not guarantee sales. We can not control what customers will do once they get to your website. It is up to you to make sure your website has quality content that can close a sale. The only guarantee we offer is that we will send you the promised traffic within the time specified or we will give you a pro-rated refund.

What Analytic Service Should I Use To Monitor My Traffic Campaign?

We recommend using, or raw server logs. Google analytics has a tendency to not record 100% of the traffic sent for various reasons. We will send you a detailed list of traffic delivered upon completion of your traffic campaign. Our stat counter will be used to verify the campaign.

How Soon Will I Start To See Traffic?

Traffic will start to arrive in about 24 hours after we receive your payment confirmation. Traffic campaigns are usually completed within 3-4 days (7 days for 1 million+ visitors). Traffic will arrive as it is available, it may come in large numbers quickly or slowly over the course of the campaign. Unless you order the Unlimited Traffic Package.

Can I Use Your Service For My Affiliate Pages?

Of course you can. Just be sure to give us the affiliate link URL and not one that redirects.